Wellness center

News 2019/20

For some time now we have been dedicated to making your stay at Passo del Tonale special and from today we have added the icing on the cake to what was already our goal: to pamper our customers.
The brand new SPA of the Residence looks like a welcoming temple of well-being where you can regenerate your senses and soul and awaits you for a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation.

Inside the wellness center you will find everything you need for an afternoon dedicated to you:

Finnish sauna (70-100 ° C, 10-15% humidity)

Do you love to do the sauna? We too! It is certainly a cure-all for the body, and it is no coincidence that the Finns call it the ‘people’s pharmacy’. The sauna is an excellent remedy for purifying the body. Thanks to sweating, the loss of about a liter of water is estimated. This promotes the elimination of excess toxins, free radicals (mainly responsible for aging) and heavy metals. In addition, it allows the pores of the epidermis to dilate, with beneficial effects on skin cleansing and cellulite. Another beneficial effect of the sauna is represented by the strengthening of the immune system. Sweating allows, in fact, to expel the bacteria that cause inflammation and is also excellent for preventing feverish states. The sauna acts positively on the mind, through the production of endorphins. The moments of relaxation allow you to clear your mind with beneficial effects on anxiety, stress and sleep quality.

Turkish Bath (45-60 ° C, 95-100% humidity)

Wrapped in an impalpable mist, the warm steam that decongests the breath is inhaled, one gets free through the sweat of each toxin, one extraneous oneself from the surrounding space and only the perception of one’s own body is felt. There are several benefits of the Turkish bath, such as improving the lymphatic and blood circulation since the high temperature to which the body is subjected during the treatment allows the vessels to dilate. Undergoing this treatment also has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, therefore combats stress but at the same time helps to tone the body. Probably, however, the most obvious benefit to everyone is what it has on the skin: the heat tends to dilate the pores and make you sweat, in this way the body can more easily expel internal toxins but also purify the epidermis which will be smoother and visibly healthy. Good effects, thanks to the steam, are also obtained on breathing which after the treatment will be freer and deeper.

-Emotional shower, cold mist technique

This practice should be performed at the end of a session in the sweat room. It reduces the body temperature bringing it back to normal values, generating a regenerating boost for the user, stimulating three of the five senses (touch, smell, sight). A veil of nebulized cold water that quickly refreshes the whole body but avoids excessive and too rapid refrigeration. To emphasize the treatment in combination with the fresh notes of the essence of eucalyptus, the chromotherapy of blue light is added which creates the effect of coolness through sight.

– Hydromassage (35 ° C)

The immersion in a whirlpool is the ideal conclusion of a thermal path to obtain total well-being. The hydromassage is a pressurized water micromassage, it exploits the temperature of the water and its benefits together with the air bubbles and water flows that cause an energizing and stimulating massage on our body.

-Relaxation room

A zone of further relaxation using the appropriate chaises longues with their very comfortable anatomical conformation, in them the position of the legs is raised, to favor the venous return of blood to the heart and give a greater feeling of rest. Finally, it is a good habit to replenish lost liquids through an excellent hot herbal tea, to be enjoyed in complete relaxation. New sensory experiences with soft lights and relaxing music in the background frame the path. A good perfume makes you feel good. Through the perception of odors, aromatherapy involves the sphere of emotion, memory, sensitivity and all related cognitive areas, making unique sensations live.

Daily entrance to the wellness center € 10 excluding welcome kit.

Unfortunately due to restrictions due to covid-19 the spa will be closed for summer 2020.
We have taken steps to implement all sanitization operations aimed at guaranteeing a safe and relaxing holiday as every year for our guests and as regards Wellness we expect you from December 2020.